Accepted Nearly Everywhere You Shop or Dine

  • Low Competitive Rates
  • No Annual Fee
  • No finance charge on purchases paid within 25 days of billing date
  • Free travel and accident insurance on qualified purchases
  • Credit limit based on applicant qualifications (up to $30,000 per member)
  • Monthly payment equals 3% of outstanding balance or $25.00 minimum
  • Accepted worldwide where VISA logo is displayed (including ATMs)
  • Rewards Card available
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Lost or Stolen Card
If you find that your Crane VISA Credit Card has been lost or stolen, please contact a Crane Credit Union Member Service Representative as soon as possible at 800-692-3274.

If it is after business hours, please call 866-820-6316 to report your card lost or stolen.


For quite a while, we’ve been protecting your online transactions by using secure technology called Verified by Visa. Operating in the background, this technology confirms your identity as an authorized user during online purchasing. As a result, you may have been asked from time to time to provide more information to confirm your purchase. This method of authentication may require you to register, or enter a password in order to complete the transaction. Though effective for fighting fraud, this process can be bothersome … especially if you’ve forgotten a password.

We’re excited to announce we’ve upgraded the security technology to better protect your online transactions and give you a more seamless online shopping experience when using your Crane Credit Union Visa card(s). The new technology is better at spotting illegitimate transactions which lets the vast majority of legitimate cardholders conduct business without interruption. However, when we do suspect fraud, we will stop the checkout process until you have confirmed, via your phone call to the phone number on the back of your card, that the transaction is being made by the rightful account owner. There will be no more remembering passwords or registering at checkout; just better security and a smoother online shopping experience!

VISA Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure (PDF)

Credit Disclosure (PDF)