A bank branch. A credit union branch. Can you see the difference?

Although banks and credit unions serve similar functions, there are big differences.

Bank profits go to stockholders. Credit unions put people first, so revenue benefits members with better loan rates and less fees.

Credit unions are owned and controlled by members who vote on a board of directors. You get a voice in what happens with your money.

Best of all, credit unions are easy to join and members are just like you. You’re an essential part of the institution and not just an account number. You’ll find people helping people. Through the pandemic Crane Credit Union deferred loan payments, modified loan terms, and waived fees when it was the right thing to do.

If you live or work in one of 28 Indiana counties, you can join Crane Credit Union. Come in and see why you can’t judge a bank or credit union by what it looks like on the outside.

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