“We started 3 Sisters Investments to inspire others to also become financially independent through passive income. We discuss lifestyle design with many community members. That thing you’ve always wanted to do? Go do that thing. Life is not a trial run.”

– Mark & Tiffany Baker

Meet Mark and Tiffany Baker. In the pursuit of true freedom, Mark and Tiffany resigned from six-figure careers in April 2019 and started a business: 3 Sisters Investments. Becoming their own boss allowed them to free up time and become a full-time family with their three daughters, whom the company is named after. They have redefined what ‘rich’ means to them, which is being in control of their time. “Time is the true currency,” says Mark. “We are now able to live in a world that we design.”

3 Sisters Investments purchases blighted properties in the Bakers’ hometown of Terre Haute, IN and breathes new life into them. With backgrounds in management, both Mark and Tiffany use previous work experience and education to manage complex real estate projects. Their experience working with top-level executives has been beneficial when interacting with local, state, and federal officials. They often meet with CEOs in their hometown to collaborate on projects that help the Terre Haute community grow. Mark and Tiffany love investing in real estate and in the community as a whole and wish to see West Central Indiana become an even more beautiful place for their daughters to grow.

When asked about their biggest success to date, Tiffany says that re-defining ‘enough’ is the greatest accomplishment. “We are not millionaires, but because we’ve redefined rich, we feel richer than ever. These days, we are able to live big and still invest small.” Because of this lifestyle change, the Bakers are able to travel the world. In 2022, they spent three weeks in Italy and traveled slow, truly enjoying the southern region and taking in the sights, which gave them inspiration for design. They didn’t have to ask permission from their boss to invest time with their family—which makes them feel more successful than ever.

Although 3 Sisters Investments’ success is easy to see, it doesn’t come without challenge. Their biggest challenge is pace. Mark and Tiffany say they are ‘sprinters,’ wanting projects to stay on time and budget. However, the projects often don’t do either. Quick residential flips are the Bakers’ favorite projects, which show great progress in a small amount of time. They’ll never back down from a challenge, though, and they remember advice from Mark’s father often: “Slow down, Marko,” they can hear him saying.

When it comes to giving advice to others who might be thinking about starting a small business, Mark and Tiffany are full of helpful tips. First, they recommend partnering with a great financial institution like Crane Credit Union. They say Crane’s continued support is vital to their success. Both Mark and Tiffany agree that they are able to move at a pace they never thought possible as a result of their relationship with Crane, and in particular, the VP of Business Services, Derek Wolfe. Derek pushes the Bakers to dream bigger for both their company and their community. He listens, mentors, and always asks, “What’s next?” They’re thankful for their partnership with Derek and Crane Credit Union.

The Bakers also advise to DO IT when it comes to taking the leap of faith into business ownership. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ or ‘perfect opportunity.’ It likely won’t happen. Take the bet on yourself and your idea. You’ll learn along the way. They also recommend the Indiana Small Business Development Center of West Central Indiana as a resource, which provides help at zero cost to the small business owner. Above all else, say Mark and Tiffany, be kind. “You never know how the interactions you have today will affect your interactions in the future. A negative comment does not always merit a response.” Lastly, they highly recommend watching one of these three movies on a quarterly basis: Hamilton, The Greatest Showman, and Tick Tick Boom.

Mark and Tiffany Baker are an inspiration in their hometown of Terre Haute and surrounding communities. Their hard work and dedication to West Central Indiana has been noticed and appreciated by many. Crane Credit Union loves partnering with small businesses like 3 Sisters Investments who pour life and love into the communities they call home. For more information about 3 Sisters Investments and the Bakers, visit the links below.

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