Data traveling across the Internet can take a number of routes and pass through a number of computers before arriving at its destination.  To protect private financial data, online transactions must take place in a secure environment.

Crane is committed to taking every reasonable precaution to protect your information.  All transactions are protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL protocol).  Under the SSL protocol, data is secured in three ways:

  • Digital Certificate – data is secured by a VeriSign SSL certificate, which establishes a private communication channel between your PC and Crane’s Website.
  • Encryption – using the SSL certificate, data is scrambled to prevent other computers from capturing and viewing your information.
  • Message Authentication Code – each transmission of data is secured with a code to prevent tampering during transit.

Online Access Protection

Your first line of defense is your login ID and password.  No one can access your account without knowing this information.  For your protection, online access to accounts is locked after three invalid login attempts.

Once logged in, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) stands as a second layer of security to protect your account.  MFA uses an image and personal questions as a means of verifying your identity and the identity of Crane’s website.  No one can access your account without correctly answering your personal MFA questions.


Our website is protected by a firewall and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.  These measures are tested and validated to meet industry best practice standards.