At Crane Credit Union, we reflect on our heritage with pride. Throughout the years our brand has been a reflection of our culture – and our culture a reflection of our brand. As the world progresses, so too, does our industry. Our team effort to successfully stay on top of progressive advances is another aspect we’re proud of. It’s not our style to merely react to trends; we proactively lead.

With change comes an evolution in our culture – change driven by our passion to better serve our members. So, as our culture changes for the better, our brand now reflects that change for the better, as well.

While we have chosen to update our brand, we approached the undertaking with care. We certainly are not going to ignore our roots. Reestablishing our brand to reflect the positive change in our culture doesn’t happen overnight. Careful consideration of existing elements of design in our previous logo were part of the creative process. With everything from the curvature in the icon, to the typography placement of the fonts, to the primary color of our brand, we’ve developed something new that also gives a gracious nod to the old.

The new Crane Credit Union logo has taken on its own characteristics, as well. With an update to the secondary color from gold to gray, the use of current fonts, and the openness of the new icon, the new logo has a clean and modern appearance that perfectly mirrors our culture.

New Tagline…Crane Cares

Crane Cares…sounds simple enough. But, how simple is it? We realize when it comes to our members’ needs that nothing is simple. What is simple harkens back to our culture. Our “members first” environment has always offered the latest products and services to meet our members’ needs. We will continue staying ahead of the curve, ensuring our existing and future members know for all their financial goals and banking services, Crane Cares

Next Steps
The Credit Union is developing a timeline for rolling out the new logo in various forms. This includes a new website, new branch signage, and other new items. We look forward to sharing news on this transition very soon.