Crane Credit Union members are reporting receiving letters in the mail informing them to call a number about a time-sensitive matter regarding their mortgage. In many cases these letters cite a home warranty coverage that is about to expire.

If you receive one of these letters or a similar communication piece, please contact your local branch prior to initiating any contact with the sender.

Our advice to our members is to disregard and get rid of these notices when you receive them.

What do these letters look like and what do they say?
These letters tend to come addressed from Home Warranty Direct, or other home warranty companies. In order to attempt to add credibility some of these letters will even reference the name of a mortgage lender.

The letter will ask the recipient to respond by a certain date, and warn them that failure to respond could result in a potential loss of their coverage. Typically, whenever threatening language or excessive urgency is employed, the communication is more likely to be coming from a scammer.

Click here to see a sample letter.

Who is sending these home warranty notices?
There is usually a disclaimer at the bottom of the letter stating who the letter is coming from. Several have stated “Home Warranty Direct”, but they could also cite a different company name. Search for information on any company you receive communication from that you are unfamiliar with.

How did the senders get my information?
Crane Credit Union does not sell or distribute any private or non-public information to non-affiliate third parties.

However, some information about mortgages, regardless of what lender you work with, is public record. It is typically through public records that scammers obtain contact information.

What should I do if I receive this letter?
The best course of action is to disregard the home warranty notice. Dispose of it the same way you would any other piece of junk mail. Shred any mail that contains personal information for extra security. In addition, you may contact us directly if you are in doubt about the origin of any communication you receive that references Crane Credit Union at (800) 692-3274.