So you’ve been working from home for a few days now and you’re not used to it. Maybe you usually work from home but now your kids’ schools have been closed and you don’t know what to do. Maybe both scenarios are now taking place for you. Here are some tips for those who are working from home due to the current state requirements.

Set Boundaries
Just because you are at home, does not mean you are at home. Conversely, just because you are working does not mean you must always work. Try establishing a routine with your family to know that between certain hours, or when you are in front of your computer, you are working and that must be respected. And when you’re done with work – be done with work.

Take Breaks
Taking short breaks can help keep you from going stir crazy and can help you focus. Go out for short walks. If that’s helpful to you, do it. If leaving your computer except to get food or use the bathroom will destroy your focus, try multiple, shorter breaks from your workspace.

Keep Your Home Clean
Having a messy home can hurt your productivity because you find it difficult to concentrate when your house smells or there’s more trash lying about. Find time to keep your home and workspace clean, and you’ll have an easier time working from home.