To transfer funds from one financial institution to another financial institution, the following steps must be taken:

Wire from Crane Credit Union:

  • Contact the recipient of the funds and obtain the complete wiring instructions.  These instructions should include the following information: 1) the name and address of the person or firm you are wiring money to, 2) the financial institution’s American Banking Association (ABA) routing number (which can be obtained from the recipient’s financial institution), 3) the address of the receiving bank, and 4) the recipient’s account number.
  • Determine the amount of money you wish to wire and when the funds need to be in the recipient’s account.
  • Initiate and complete the transaction by contacting the Crane Account Solutions Department at 800-692-3274 ext. 7164.
  • Optional: Confirm the transaction took place by contacting the recipient or the receiving financial institution.


  • To minimize errors, it is helpful to give written instructions to the accounting department, however this is not required.
  • A wire transfer can transfer funds within a day, provided you initiate it prior to the deadline.  A same day transfer is not guaranteed after 12:00 pm (Noon).


  • Make sure the funds are in the account you are wiring from or the wire will not go through.
  • Other financial institutions may charge for making wire transfers.  Always be sure to ask how much the recipient financial institution charges before proceeding as you may incur additional charges.