Becoming a Select Employee Group (SEG) or associational group is easy.  An application letter will be required and should include the following on your company letterhead.

  • A statement verifying your organization seeks to establish an ongoing business relationship to offer financial benefits for your employees.
  • A statement verifying your organization is either not presently using the services of any other credit union or uses the services of another credit union (please name the credit union).
  • The number of employees in your organization.
  • A statement verifying the organization will safeguard the confidentiality of all information shared between Crane and the organization.
  • A statement of your proximity to Crane’s nearest service facility (ex: 10 miles).
  • A contact name, phone number and authorized signature.

View and print a sample application letter in Word format.

If your group is affiliated with another credit union, please be aware you can be affiliated with more than one credit union.  You may return the letter by fax to 317-346-0928, mail it to: 1 West Gate Drive, Odon, IN 47562 or drop it off at any branch location.

As a Select Employee Group (SEG) employees and their immediate family members have access to all the products and services Crane offers.  There is no cost to the employer to become a SEG.  On-site visits are also available to share more information with employees.