It’s easy to create a monthly household budget. The difficult part is sticking to. Although you can count on the cost of fixed expenses every month such as your mortgage or car payments, budgets can also get off track when you start overspending on items such as dining out and entertainment.china

These types of expenses should still be part of your monthly budget. A reloadable card can be a great way to have fun and also control how much you spend each month.

A reloadable card is meant to be used for the long-term. It’s not a gift card. Often, you can even have a portion of your paycheck automatically loaded on to the card. Plus, it’s much safer than carrying around a large amount of cash.

Reloadable cards are also great if you have poor credit, or if you are unable to open a traditional checking account. If you have difficulty managing your account and often incur overdraft fees, a reloadable card will prevent you from overspending. If you try to make a purchase and you have an insufficient amount of money loaded on to your card, then then transaction will be denied.

Many parents also utilize reloadable cards to help teach their kids to manage money responsibly. The card eliminates the risk of having a child spend too much money while giving them the opportunity to learn proper account management.

Reloadable cards also come equipped with the same EMV chip technology that you will find on credit and debit cards.

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