paying-for-collegeAs a junior and senior in high school one of the most stressful decisions you have to make is where you want to attend college in the fall. Another tough underlying decision is how you will pay for the first semester’s tuition and rent if you don’t have the benefit of having the help from parents.

One of best things you can do as a high school junior or senior is to research different scholarships and grants. While a majority of scholarships and grants might only be $100 to $500, everything adds up when you’re trying to reach your goal. You might even be surprised to find out you qualify for a grant or scholarship that pays a couple thousand. While all these might not add up to a full semester or years worth of tuition, you will have money to put towards books, supplies, and other miscellaneous items you may need.

Understanding your financial situation can really help you out in the long run throughout your college career. Knowing your financial status will help you identify if you are eligible for financial aid and if you meet qualifications for certain scholarships and grants.