STW-MS-YE7Crane distributed another round of prizes to winners from the Credit Union this past week. The Credit Union has distributed over $6,000 in prizes already with members winning from $25 to over $500 in individual cash prizes.

If you are a Crane Credit Union member, you can participate. The Save to Win program requires that participants open a special 12-month Save to Win share certificate. The minimum amount to open the certificate is just $25. Once the share certificate is opened, you’ll be automatically entered to win monthly and quarterly prizes.

The Save to Win account gives you the chance to win monthly and quarterly prizes from two different prize pools. The state-level prize pool will feature monthly and quarterly prizes ranging from $50 to $1,000 and a national prize pool will offer quarterly prizes from $25 to $5,000. Crane Credit Union also distributes $500 in prizes each month to its members. Credit union members just need to save their money to qualify. Savers earn entries for every $25 they save in a given month, with a maximum of ten entries per month.

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