You ask yourself every day where the time has gone.  You can’t believe your sweet little boy or girl is already in high school.  Time goes fast, and your life with your teen couldn’t be busier.

No matter how busy your family is, don’t miss the opportunity to help your son or daughter get off to a good start financially.  And, we’re here to help you.

Chances are, your child already has a savings account.  A Crane Federal Credit Union checking account and debit card are great additional tools for helping young adults learn the basics about money management.

Explain to teens that a debit card is convenient, but the key to using one properly is knowing what’s available in their checking accounts.  If they spend more than what’s available, they’ll face overdraft consequences.

Though using plastic is often the preferred method of shopping, it’s still important for teens to know how to write a check.  Have your children write you a check for, say, their share of a cell phone bill or something else they are responsible for, to get them a little practice.  Encourage teens to regularly check their account balances online.  Multiple accounts for teens also gives them practice transferring funds from one account to another and helps them learn the importance of knowing their balances.  And having unique accounts for different purposes helps them set and achieve savings goals.