As Americans hunker down, presumably for weeks on end, it’s difficult to determine what we can do: what we can do to help each other when we’re barricaded in our homes, what we can do to make ourselves feel less restricted. Here are five things that you can do during this time to escape these cramped conditions.

1. Call five friends and see how they’re doing.

2. Find out if an elderly neighbor or relative needs grocery or pharmacy goods and help them out.

3. Buy a gift card. Small businesses are getting crushed right now. If you have disposable income, consider buying a gift card from a local business and using it later – or shopping online from them. It’s essentially an advance for businesses that could certainly use the hand right now.

4. Go for a walk. The walls begin to close in when you stay indoors too long. In our screen-driven world, it’s nearly impossible to escape the constant reloading of infection statistics. Instead, turn it all off and go for a walk. Plus, if you have kids, they’ll go totally insane if you don’t.

5. Enroll in an online course. Now is a wonderful time to do some learning. Why not enroll in that online course you’ve been wanting to for so long? Actively engaging your mind is a fantastic way to enrich yourself and your future job prospects.