The excitement in the air on those crisp fall nights when the stands are packed and the stadium lights are shining bright is a big part of what high school memories are all about.

Now, thanks to Crane, you can get that same feeling of supporting the home team when you go to make a purchase with your new school spirit debit card. Crane worked directly with each school to create a unique card that incorporates the school’s colors along with the Credit Union’s logo.

Currently Crane offers school spirit debit cards for Bloomfield, Linton-Stockton, and White River Valley school districts.

Purchases made by cardholders from each school count towards Crane making donations to help with funding programs, events and other student activities. The more you shop with your school spirit debit card, the more your school will earn!

These special debit cards can be ordered at any Crane Credit Union location or by calling the Credit Union at (800) 692-3274. They are only available to Crane Credit Union members.

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