Crane Credit Union now offers a special school spirit debit card where the Credit Union donates money to Linton Stockton Schools based on the number of debit card purchases cardholders make.

Crane worked with Linton Stockton Schools to create a unique card that incorporates the school’s corporation’s new logo along with the Credit Union’s logo. The special Linton Stockton Schools debit card can be ordered at any Crane Credit Union location or by calling the Credit Union at (800) 692-3274.

The special Linton Stockton Schools debit card is only available to Crane Credit Union accountholders. There are a number of ways residents can qualify to open an account. Anyone who lives or works in the Linton area or in Greene County are eligible to join Crane. In addition, if someone in your immediate family has an account at Crane, then you are eligible as well. For full information on membership eligibility, products and services, please visit the Credit Union’s website at