MoneySmart 4 Life

It Pays to Get A’s

Each student that brings in their report card at the end of the grading semester will be rewarded for good grades. Each "A" will receive [...]

It Pays to Get A’s2021-06-18T11:50:25-04:00

Don’t Miss a Step

If you think of estate planning as something that is necessary only for the very wealthy, it might surprise you to learn differently. From keeping [...]

Don’t Miss a Step2021-06-14T08:43:46-04:00

Establish Financial Ground Rules

It's never a good idea to avoid thinking about your finances. Improving your financial outlook can be as easy as laying down - and following [...]

Establish Financial Ground Rules2021-06-07T15:04:50-04:00

Say No to Lifestyle Inflation

Wants Versus Needs It's fun to imagine yourself in a new home. Extra bedrooms, a home theater and a pool all sound great until you [...]

Say No to Lifestyle Inflation2021-06-07T14:43:09-04:00

Who Needs an Estate Plan?

You may think of estate planning as something only wealthy people need. But the truth is, a basic estate plan is important for anyone who [...]

Who Needs an Estate Plan?2021-06-07T14:27:25-04:00

Millenials: Saving is Up to You

The oldest Millennials are nearing 40; the youngest are in their early 20s. They've surpassed their Baby Boomer parents in sheer numbers. Collectively, they have [...]

Millenials: Saving is Up to You2021-06-04T15:00:15-04:00