Cash Back Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions

Cash back is available for redemption at the end of the statement cycle. It may be redeemed by logging in to Online Banking, clicking Visa Credit Card, and then selecting the available cash back to begin the process.

You can choose to have cash placed into your Crane CU deposit account or as statement credit. Cash back redemptions to a deposit account or for statement credit will not satisfy the minimum payment due.

Processing of the cash deposit or statement credit can take up to two business days.

Cash must be redeemed in whole dollar increments of no less than $5.00.

Please note: Cash back is not earned for cash advances, balance transfers, fees or payments to your account, and returned items for credit.

Cash back cannot be used toward your minimum payment; however, it can be applied to the statement credit to lower your overall balance or deposited into a personal account that can be used to make your payment.

Any unused cash back will expire after five calendar years.

Yes, you can pursue a limit increase as well. However, it is important to know the following:

  • If you are changing your Rewards card to a Cash Back Rewards card, you must redeem all points prior to applying for the Cash Back card.
  • Any transactions posted prior to approval of the Cash Back Rewards card will be protected at your current card’s APR.
  • Your new card will have a new credit card number. Any auto transfers should be updated.
  • The new card will need to be mailed (vs. instant-issued). In this case, your current card may be used temporarily until the new one is received.
  • Transactions will show under both the current and new card until the current card is completely closed.